Whether you just found out you’re pregnant or think you want to start trying, here’s a quick guide on when to take Stix’s prenatal multi + DHA.

1. Preconception

Some of the most important growth for your baby happens in the first month of pregnancy, often before you even know that you’re pregnant. That’s why OBGYNs recommend that you start taking a prenatal vitamin at least one month before actively trying to conceive.

2. Pregnancy

OGBYNs recommend taking a prenatal vitamin every day during pregnancy. Along with a well-balanced diet, Stix’s prenatal multi + DHA will give you and your baby the nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

3. Breastfeeding and postpartum

Your body needs even higher amounts of some vitamins and nutrients during breastfeeding. This is why taking the Prenatal multi + DHA can provide the folate and vitamin C that you’ll need to support your body while it supports your baby.

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