Your urine will become a reddish-orange color when you take our UTI fast-acting pain relief — this is normal! The change in color is not harmful in any way, however, it may stain your clothes or anything that comes in contact with it.

Here are a few tips for keeping things clean:

  • After going to the bathroom, wipe extra carefully (front to back as always).

  • After wiping, wash your hands thoroughly (more than 20 seconds). Take extra caution when putting in contact lenses.

  • Try using a pantyliner while taking UTI fast-acting pain relief.

If you do get a stain, place the article of clothing over an old cloth/towel. Put a little bit of laundry detergent on the stain and use a damp cloth to dab the stain away.

Remember, this product is not intended to treat a UTI and only meant to offer temporary symptom relief. If you are experiencing symptoms of a UTI, be sure to contact your primary care provider for treatment options.

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